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  • Het belang van backup!!

    Backup maken van gegevens

    A good advice: don't forget to make backup of your data before your workstation crash.
    Some use outlook and keep more than 1000 mails, agenda items, contacts...
    We are shure that after a computer crash and data loss wil be the same as a an explosed bom.
    Don't wait untill it happens and make an appointement of discussion in your agenda.

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  • Our brand new site

    We start our brand new site on the 6th of december

    Here we are, alive with our brand new website. You like it ? You don't? Just let us know.
    We would appriciate your opinion

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  • " The products of Vasco gives M&C the possibility in a secure soltion offer for his customer Casier & C°.
    Casier & C° is a insurance brooker. we will come back on this item."

    Partners Vasco-M&C nv
    Yves Stouten


M&C sa

Multimedia and Telecommunication or
                          Management and Communication


The relationship people machine is one of our goals we are still working on.

Our job consist in filtering the high tech offer on the market into useful working instruments in a office environment.

Our slogan is KISS Keep It as Simple and Stupid as possible.

The First instruments in the office witch made their entrance was the famous PC. In that time they prefer to call him a home computer. IBM put this pc on the market and never thought this would be the start of one of the greatest “BOOM” effect. We are talking about the year 1978.
The modem, dcs-mail en videotext where the earlier base for what we call today internet.
The working power of your office today is based on pc, servers and internet. If one of those fail your office work is failing.
Bye bye Rolex and old fasion typewriter and welcome on the Internet, PC, PDA,lan,PDA,VOIP, portable…
Don’t need to tell this is a full task and have to be done by professionals.

What now?...

A jungle.!

May be, but not for us. This is our job. So don’t try to fix all this by yourself and loose time to do unuseful things where you’re not good in.
We are a SME at the service to an SME.
You can’t afford to pay someone to do this job full time. No your right, but you can find external help for this job just the way you would have it internally.
Your solution might be just a phone call away. Call us.


Yves Stouten