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1. your IT partner
2. Accountancy and control/management
3. Workstations and Servers
4. Phone and datacommunication
5. Security and firewall
6. Backup and restore of your information
7. Communication

  • 1. your IT partner

    Your IT partner

    We put in place what we decided. We like to take our
    responsibility and to act!
    A PME at the service of a PME who takes direct actions.
    We stay independent of the chosen hardware , mainware or
    A company you can rely on!
    Our experience will help us solve your problems at a reasonable
    An octopus company…maybe…as we said a real PME.


  • 2. Accountancy and control/management

    Accountancy and control/management

    You are doing your accountancy or want to start doing yours, we are your partner to organise and fulfil your needs. We make things happen together. We can train your people and plan your continuity. In one word, your will be in safe hands when it concerns your accounting or order management.
    We had a look on the market to solve our own accounting solutions. Together with our accountant we found an inexpensive and reliable solution. After several years we still have an excellent cooperation with Ciel. We still are a privileged partner (Ciel partner) for them.
    Ciel, the sky is bleu for anyone

  • 3. Workstations and Servers

    Workstations and Servers

    Talking about your choice on workstations, M&C will offer one product, tailor made on your request. It will cover all your requested needs. All over the years we worked with this American company.

    The cooling system inside the box is unique in his kind and preserves a long term continuity of the hardware.

    more info on www.shuttle.com

    Our servers listen to the name of Super Micro. Delivered with a 5 years worry free warranty. Of course we manage this remotely.
    The operating system is at your choice.

  • 4. Phone and datacommunication

    Phone and datacommunication

    This is still our core business. We work with different partners to find the best solution. This is a complex and fast growing business. Too much to reside on one partner.
    We call ourselves “the communication architects”. We find the best suitable solution with the most adequate partners at that given moment. We take full responsibility on the management of the project. We are talking here about Communication on GSM G3-internet, ADSL, connection between sites, VPN etc…

  • 5. Security and firewall

    Security and firewall

    Your main communication towards the outside world would be web and mail.
    No need to tell what kind of disaster this will cause. Loss of data might be the result.
    Your network and computers needs protection against this outside world.
    Don’t think this want happen to you!
    We choose one of the best on the market.
    We offer a solution adapted on your growth and a technical backup by security specialists.
    The only partner is Vasco.
    Vasco is a world leading company on security.

  • 6. Backup and restore of your information

    Backup and restore of your information

    We told you in the chapter of security and firewalls we deliver solutions for all external traffic wich reaches your local network. What about your own data on your workstation or server? What about your backups?. I hope we don’t need to convince you that this is ESSENTIAL. Mostly a disaster occurs when data has to be restored from a tape or other device. Study and a solution meeting your needs needs to be done. On top of this is a system that would take a image copy every 15 minutes, with a possible restore within one our. Continue to work on a copy machine while your server is down and this within a few hours. You think this is just marketing and sales stuff?  We make it real.
  • 7. Communication


    Not an easy job for a SME to think at his external relation or communication. Mostly they have no time or budget. M&C wants to help you. We help you develop a marketing strategy (website, direct mail actions…) to make your products en services well known. In partnership with Tonic Design we help you to structure and tailor to your needs.

    They build our website, so judge yourself.