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    1. your IT partner

    • 1. your IT partner

      Your IT partner

      We put in place what we decided. We like to take our
      responsibility and to act!
      A PME at the service of a PME who takes direct actions.
      We stay independent of the chosen hardware , mainware or
      A company you can rely on!
      Our experience will help us solve your problems at a reasonable
      An octopus company…maybe…as we said a real PME.


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Backup maken van gegevens

If you want to use your outlook safely you will be adviesd to use exchange server. You don't need  necesarrely an Exchange but just your own mailserver. that way you can use IMAP to control your mail on your server. Your mail, agenda and contacts will stay available. After a crash of your computer you will be able to start your mail on another workstation. Just don't  forget to backup your personal outlook data on a server. PFBACKUP will do the job for you.
Don' t forget to secure your emailserver from virus, spam etc...

To set up a mailserver is an easy job. To secure this one is another.